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Wisconsin AirBNB Wedding Venue

Hosting an Airbnb wedding at our Wisconsin Farmhouse can be an excellent choice for many reasons.

bride and groom walking towards an airbnb after their wedding ceremony
Airbnb wedding venue in appleton wisconsin

Everything in one place

No one wants to be running all over the place for their wedding. When you rent out our AirBNB and barn for your intimate wedding, on top of having your ceremony, reception, and place to sleep, you have multiple room options for you to get ready in. Your welcome to invite your hair and makeup artist as well!

getting ready at Airbnb wedding venue in appleton wisconsin
getting ready at Airbnb wedding venue in appleton wisconsin

Cost Savings

Renting our Airbnb for your wedding can be more cost-effective than booking a traditional wedding venue. Additionally, you may be able to save on other expenses, such as catering, by bringing in your own food, if you are up for it! Now you don't have to rent a space for your rehearsal dinner or gift opening the next day!


House of Cambium offers ample space for guests to stay overnight, which can be especially convenient if you have out-of-town guests attending your wedding or if there is any alcohol involved! We sleep up to 8 people! For an additional cost you are welcome to bring campers.

Airbnb wedding venue in appleton wisconsin


With an our Airbnb wedding venue, you have more control over the schedule, decorations, and overall vibe of the event. You can customize the space to fit your vision and have more flexibility with the timing of the ceremony and reception.


Airbnb wedding venue in appleton wisconsin

If you rent our Airbnb wedding venue it can offer a more intimate atmosphere than a traditional wedding venue, which can be ideal for couples who want a smaller, more personal celebration with close family and friends.

Extended celebration

With our Airbnb property, you can rent the space for several days, which can allow you to extend the celebration and spend more quality time with your loved ones! Have a rehearsal dinner or welcome party the night before the wedding. The day after the wedding you can have a gift opening or a send off brunch! The best part is that you can keep all the decorations in one place and reuse them!

barn venue in greenbay wisconsin with an airbnb

Written by Brittany, the owner. Photos of her wedding by:

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