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Intimate Wedding Decision

Around 50 guests! One of the first decisions we made when beginning our wedding planning. After that decision was made, we felt relieved that we could start making other decisions like venue, food, and all the other fun details.

Three reasons we chose to keep it intimate (around 50 guests)

1. Excuse

2. Budget

3. Stress

What do I mean by saying “Excuse”? Although we have many special people in our life, we wanted to make sure our day wasn’t overwhelming. We would use the excuse, “Sorry we can’t have that many guests, it’s an intimate wedding venue". Although we were respectful and caring to this, we kept our boundaries of how many guests we wanted. Examples of limited guests were distant relatives, friends of friends, or that parents long list of important people to them.

We were very limited with how much we wanted to Budget. Although this day was special, we didn’t want to be in debt over stuff that wasn’t important to us. Some examples were, we didn’t have a DJ, provided only certain typed of drinks, and I wore a 14$ dress that I absolutely loved! With all this being said, more guests meant more to budget. Although money isn’t everything, we knew it would be best for us and our goals to keep budget low.

My husband and I both struggle with social anxiety. The mere thought of the day being all about us made us very uncomfortable. Keeping it intimate made us feel less anxious and more relaxed.

We felt like our day should be intimate like we always envisioned for our memories and future.

Best decision we made for our “Big” Day was to keep it “Small”.

Written By: Cambium Barn Manager - Cassey V.

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